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ECS Series

Eco 3D Sensor

  • Integrated 3D Sensor C6 Series
  • Price-performance ratio: Cost-effective 3D sensor for demanding applications
  • Software standards for easy integrations: GigE Vision, GenICam and third-party software support
  • Cross-industry application area: Ideal for the food industry, logistics and robot vision
$6 600.00
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Cost-effective 3D sensor for demanding applications

The ECS series (Eco Compact Sensor) represents the latest innovation in 3D sensor technology, characterized by its economy and performance. These sensors are particularly cost-effective, thanks to the use of lower cost optics and sensors and the support of class 2M lasers with a wavelength of 660nm, while offering reliable performance at an affordable price. Designed for standard applications in the food, logistics and robot vision industries where high-end technology is not required, ECS sensors deliver fast and accurate data acquisition with an output of 2048 points per profile and speeds up to 43 kHz. They offer various field of views and a compact design for easy integration as well as fast software connectivity through GigE-Vision / GenICam, making them ideal for cost and efficiency conscious projects.

Application recommendation

  • Food & Beverage
  • Logistics &Packaging
  • Robot Vision
  • Sensors in comparison

    ECS 23 ECS 14
    Model Name C6-S7-2040-ECS-23-100-106-SX-1G-660-2M C6-S7-2040-ECS-14-160-197-SX-1G-660-2M
    Points per Profile 2048 2048
    Nominal WD (mm) 106 197
    Nominal X-FOV (mm) 102 162
    Z-Range (mm) 60 120
    Nominal Resolution X (µm) 52 80
    Nominal Resolution Z (µm) 8 20
    Laser 2M, 660nm 2M, 660nm
  • General technical data

    High dynamic range features: Multiple Slope Mode
    3D algorithms: MAX, TRSH, COG, FIR PEAK
    3D scan features: Automatic Region Tracking, Automatic Region Search, Multiple Regions, AutoStart
    Connections 17 pin, M12 Power I/O
    8pin, M12 Ethernet
    Data interface Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbit/s)
    Standards GigE Vision with GenICam
    Temperature Operation 0°C to +40°C
    Storage -20°C to +80°C
    Protection class IP67

    Electrical specifications

    Power consumption max. 15 W
    Power supply sensor 10-24 V DC (max. 27 V DC)
    Power supply laser 10-24 V DC

    I/O specifications

    Digital Input: 2 electrial isolated inputs, +5V to +24V DC
    Digital Output: 2 electrical isolated outputs, +5 to +24V DC (max. 100 mA)
    Encoder/Resolver Input: A+, A-, B+, B-, Z+, Z-
    High-Speed Triple RS-422 Receiver
    Max. input voltage +5V DC (TTL level)