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The smart solution for temperature monitoring

The smart infrared camera IRSX by AT – Automation Technology is a multifunctional, industry-ready thermal imaging system with integrated smart functionality. Through application-specific customizations via apps, it enables cross-industry monitoring, process automation, and inspection.
  • Smart stand-alone solution
  • Robust industrial design (IP67)
  • IoT standard interfaces for seamless integration
  • Web-based configuration without programming effort

IRSX: The world’s first truly smart infrared camera

The IRSX infrared camera is an innovative solution for use in virtually any application in an industrial environment. Thanks to its intelligent platform with web-based configuration, there is no longer a need for external software or hardware. Numerous industrial IoT standard interfaces allow for direct integration into all conceivable automation environments.


Plug & Play
Easy Integration
Measurement Accuracy
Up to
Fail-Safe Operation

IRSX Infrared Camera

Intelligent Stand-Alone Solution

APP & JOB COncept

Unique flexibility

Similar to a smartphone, the IRSX can store numerous apps and jobs that can be switched between as needed.


Unmatched accuracy

Thanks to the smart temperature reference radiator IRS Calilux developed by AT, the IRSX achieves an unparalleled measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C.

Streaming App

SmartProcessing App

Custom Apps


    Realization of custom application solutions

    The app concept of the smart IRSX infrared camera works similarly to that of a smartphone. With the app concept, we provide a platform that allows customers to solve various tasks in the shortest time while maintaining the highest flexibility. There are what we call toolbox apps, which enable the easiest creation of custom solutions, as well as other apps that already provide complete application solutions.

    Job Concept

    Switching between measurement configurations

    Similar to the variable app concept, any number of product- and application-specific jobs (measurement configurations) can also be stored on the smart infrared camera, between which switching works just as easily through numerous integrated interfaces such as Modbus, REST API/OpenAPI or LUA Scripting.


    Wide selection of lenses

    With our extensive range of lenses, from telephoto to wide-angle, and angles of view ranging from 3 to 90 degrees, we provide our customers with flexible options to capture their measurement objects optimally.


    Standard interfaces for seamless integration

    With numerous integrated IoT protocols such as Modbus we enable effortless integration into any automation environment. Our camera is, therefore, the ideal tool for implementing application solutions within the context of Industry 4.0.


    Consistent and robust product design

    With an IP67 protection rating, an operating temperature range of -20 to +60 °C, and an integrated air purge system for effectively preventing dirt on the optics, our IRSX Smart Infrared Camera can be integrated into most industrial environments without the need for additional components like protective enclosures.


    Seamless export to all countries

    To enable a trouble-free global export, we offer our cameras with a choice of both 30-60 Hz and 9 Hz frame rates. Cameras with a 9 Hz frame rate do not fall under the dual-use regulations and can therefore be shipped to most countries without the need for an export license.


    Used across industries for innovative applications.

    Condition Monitoring

    Ensuring the smooth operation of equipment and installations.

    Process Monitoring

    Ensuring optimal product quality in various industries.

    Fire Early Detection

    Preventive detection of fire hazards before the outbreak of a fire.

    Non-Destructive Testing

    Contactless and non-destructive quality control of products.

    Technical Specifications

    Modell IRSX-I336 IRSX-I640
    Detector Type Focal Plane Array (FPA), Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array (FPA), Uncooled Microbolometer
    Spectral Range 7.5 to 13 μm 7.5 to 13 μm
    Pixel Size 17 x 17 μm 17 x 17 μm
    Frame Rate 9 Hz
    30/60 Hz*
    9 Hz
    30 Hz*


    336 x 256 Pixel

    640 x 512 Pixel
    Radiometrically Calibrated Temperature Ranges -10°C to 140°C -10°C to 140°C
    -10°C to 550°C -10°C to 550°C
    Measurement Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
    (in the temperature range of: +10 to +100°C @ +10 to +35°C ambient temperature)
    ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
    (in the temperature range of: +10 to +100°C @ +10 to +35°C ambient temperature)
    Thermal Resolution NETD < 30 mK @ F/1.0 < 30 mK @ F/1.0
    Lenses with Air Purge (IP67)
    4 mm (f/1.4) 90.6° x 65.4°
    7.5 mm (f/1.4, f/1.2) 42° x 32° 90° x 69°
    9 mm (f/1.4) 35° x 27° 69° x 56°

    13 mm (f/1.25)

    25° x 19°

    45° x 37°

    19 mm (f/1.25)

    17° x 13°

    32° x 26°
    25 mm (f/1.4) 13° x 10° 24° x 19°
    35 mm (f/1.5) 9.3° x 7.1° 18° x 14°


    What does a smart IRSX infrared camera cost?
    The hardware price depends on the choice of sensor resolution (336×256/640×512), frame rate, and optics. The IRSX is available starting at a price of $5050,00.
    What data interface does the IRSX have?
    The IRSX offers numerous IoT standard protocols such as Modbus TCP, RestAPI, Profinet, etc. Additionally, it features the industry-standard interface GigE Vision/GeniCam.
    Who can I contact in case of support issues?
    You have the option to access current documentation and software tools through our product support page. Alternatively, you can also contact our support team directly by phone or email.
    Does AT provide software for IR data acquisition?
    The IRSX comes with a Software SolutionPackage that includes a free SDK, tools, and examples for easy setup. Additionally, we provide Lua script and RestAPI examples to demonstrate how to expand the functionality of our smart IRSX and visualize data in your own web application. The software package is complemented by our IRSX Simulator. The simulator offers the full functionality of our SmartProcessing App and can be used to configure jobs (measurement tasks) without a connected camera!
    Is the IRSX radiometric?

    The IRSX cameras are radiometrically calibrated. We offer two different temperature ranges, which are:

    -10°C to +140°C (Range 1)

    -10°C to +550°C (Range 2)

    For high-temperature applications, we provide an optional high-temperature calibration of up to 1200°C (depending on the model) with the appropriate ND filter.

    Does AT also offer cooled infrared cameras?
    No, we only focus on uncooled infrared cameras, as cooled cameras require extensive maintenance.