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3D Accessories

In addition to our 3D sensors, we offer a wide range of 3D accessories and user-friendly applications to seamlessly integrate systems across various industries and environments.


GigE Cable

The GigE cable connects the sensor to the I/O panel. It is durable, available in various lengths, and equipped with M12 connectors that support IP67 protection. A pigtail version is also available if you need to connect the sensor’s power supply and signals without the I/O panel.

Power I/O Cable

The rugged Power I/O cable ensures reliable communication between the CS sensor and the connected hardware. This cable features standard-compliant M12 connectors and can be used in various industries thanks to its IP67 protection. It comes in different lengths.

90° Adapter Cable

The integration of a CS sensor often occurs in tight spaces where standard and M12 connectors can pose cable routing challenges. Our 90° adapter cable offers a simple and elegant solution for this.


Camera I/O Panel

The I/O panel provides a user-friendly way to connect the power supply and I/O functions of the 3D camera. Just like the CS I/O panel, it includes reverse polarity protection and is equipped with a 2-ampere fuse.

CS I/O Panel

The I/O panel offers a user-friendly way to connect the sensor and laser power supply as well as the I/O functions of the 3D compact sensor (CS) or the modular compact sensor (MCS). This panel features reverse polarity protection and includes a 2-ampere fuse.