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STEC Targets

Spherical Target for Extrinsic Calibration

  • Four models depending on X-FOV -> Width approx. 80-90% X-FOV
  • Measured and not measured
  • Easy extrinsic calibration
  • Improved measurement quality
  • Correction of transportation error
$539.00$1 870.00
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Best solution for extrinsic calibration of our 3D sensors

The new Spherical Target for Extrinsic Calibration (STEC) is AT’s ultimate solution for optimal extrinsic calibration of our 3D sensors. With this target, you can perform calibration using our free-to-download SolutionPackage. This process enhances measurement precision by correcting transportation errors and transforming all scans into a common coordinate system.

For even greater precision, we recommend requesting the version with measurement protocol, as calibration works best when the exact positions of the sphere centers are known.

We are happy to advise you on targets for special setups!

Application recommendation

  • 3D Metrology
  • Multiscanner Setups