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Our innovative sensors are revolutionizing quality control and monitoring in the aviation industry. The key benefits include precise measurements and efficient solutions for flawless operation.

3D Image Processing

Testing of Electronic Connectors

For automotive manufacturers that demand the highest quality for their electronic components, the C6-3070MCS Dual Head 3D sensor offers the necessary technology to ensure that every vehicle rolls off the assembly line with perfectly inspected connectors. It is an investment in the reliability and safety of every produced vehicle.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

Early Fire Detection

In an industry where every second counts, the infrared camera IRSX provides the wood industry with an indispensable advantage in fire detection. Its ability to detect and alert potential fire sources early ensures that damages are minimized, and resources are protected.

Carbon Fiber Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera represents the latest technology in quality assurance for carbon fibers. With its precise detection and fast response time, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the high quality and performance of carbon fibers while further optimizing production processes.

Plastic Weld Seam Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera sets new standards in plastic weld seam inspection. Its advanced technology allows manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products while increasing efficiency and productivity. In an industry where any defect can be costly, the IRSX represents a valuable investment.