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Welcome to AT – Automation Technology

    About AT

    AT – Automation Technology is a leading global technology company specializing in customizable 3D special imaging sensor technology. Located conveniently between Hamburg and Lübeck in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, we have been developing and manufacturing intelligent infrared cameras, high-precision 3D sensors, and unique sensor solutions since 1998. These solutions are widely used in industrial process automation, as well as in monitoring and inspection tasks worldwide, thanks to our team of over 50 dedicated employees.

    With over 25 years of application experience in diverse industries, ranging from automotive to plastics processing to electronics, we provide products that are tailored to practical needs and are highly reliable.
    A dense network of sales and service partners ensures personalized consultation as well as perfect service and support for our customers around the world.

    AT Management

    F. l. t. r.: Dr. Sven Poeggel (Head of RnD), Dr. Athinodoros Klipfel (Head of Sales), Ralf Urban (Head of Production), Nina Claaßen (Head of Marketing), Dr. André Kasper (CTO), Daniel Seiler (CEO), Stephan Regenhardt (Head of Support), Gretchen Alper (Business Director, North America), Michael van Uem (Head of Administration)

    Facts & Figures

    Our vision is to be a global technology leader and a reliable partner in the field of special imaging sensor technology, significantly contributing to innovation, efficiency, and quality. With our customized sensor solutions in the 3D and infrared industry, we optimize, automate, and validate industrial processes.

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    > 2.500
    Headquarter Bad Oldesloe

    Production Unit Manufacturing

    The production forms what we call the heart of our company. In the production unit, all sensors and components are assembled under highly sensitive hygienic conditions.

    Modern Offices

    We have modern offices equipped with electric desks, ergonomic office chairs, and that certain feel-good atmosphere.

    New Construction in Progress

    Soon there will be a new building here. We’re adding another floor and expanding the building forward to provide even more offices for future colleagues.

    Solar Cells with 65kWp of Bio-Electricity

    Thanks to our extensive solar system, we independently generate energy for our electric vehicle fleet, leading to a significant reduction in our ecological footprint. Sustainability? It’s a given for us!

    Our Heart and Soul

    Of course, it’s: Our coffee machine! Eversys combines the benefits of a fully automatic coffee machine with the authenticity of traditional espresso makers. A dream for every coffee break!

    Charging Stations for Electric Cars

    Our AT fleet now comprises numerous vehicles. Among others, we have Teslas and Polestar represented, which transport our colleagues “greenly” from A to B.

    Lunch in the Garden

    Under our apple tree, we enjoy our lunch break outdoors with the necessary “garden-feeling” when the sun shines. This makes the food taste twice as good!

    Pure Nature

    Our AT rabbit always hops familiarly across our courtyard, enjoying our homely ambiance. We’ve even been graced with the presence of deer. And all this right in the middle of the industrial area!

    Job Bike Shed

    For those who use the bike for commuting, we naturally provide a suitable shelter for the bicycles. By the way, at AT we also offer the option of a job bike!


    • 2023

      25 Years of AT & Opening of US Location

      AT celebrates its 25th anniversary and looks back on a quarter-century of innovative development history in the field of special imaging sensor technology. Additionally, our US location was opened this year.

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      More Information

      25 years of Automation Technology – Anniversary interview from AT – Automation Technology on Vimeo.

    • 2022

      Launch of the World’s Fastest 3D Sensor

      With the design of our own sensor chip and galactically fast WARP technology, AT achieved a true revolution in 3D image processing with its new C6 series.

    • 2020

      Introduction of the World’s First Smart IR Camera

      With the IRSX series, AT introduced a smart thermal imaging camera that communicates directly with process control systems, thanks to its smart technology.

    • 2018

      Introduction of Modular Sensor Concept

      To meet the individual needs of customers, AT globally introduced the first modular 3D sensor series for customized solutions.

    • 2017

      Construction of Manufacturing Hall with

      To accommodate our revenue growth and high-quality standards, we invested in a new manufacturing hall, including a new cleanroom.

    • 2011

      2011 Introduction of Mobile NDT System

      As experts in active thermography and reliable NDT solutions, AT developed the world’s first mobile NDT system for on-site material testing.

    • 2008

      Relocation to Bad Oldesloe

      Matching our transformation from a small technology company to a medium-sized enterprise, we moved to a 6,000 square meter facility in Bad Oldesloe.

    • 2001

      Launch of the First 3D Sensor Series

      Just three years after founding the company, AT introduced the world’s first 3D camera with the CameraLink interface, establishing itself as a visionary in the image processing industry.

    • 1998

      Company Founded

      AT – Automation Technology was founded by engineers Dr. André Kasper and Michael Wandelt as a system integrator.

    We help customers maximize process efficiency and product quality sustainably