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Iron & Steel

Our innovative sensors are revolutionizing quality control and process optimization in the iron and steel processing industry. The key advantages of using our Advanced Technology (AT) sensors include precise measurements and efficient solutions for error-free production.

3D Image Processing

Wire Inspection

With the C6-1280CS, you are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of wire inspection in the iron and steel industry. Experience speed and precision at a whole new level.

Railway Track Inspection

Increase the Efficiency and Safety of Your Railway Track Inspection with the Ultra-Fast 3D Camera C6-1280. Benefit from the Future of Image Processing Technology Today!

Bar Steel Inspection

With the C6-3070 camera, you can ensure the quality of your rod steel products while increasing your production efficiency. Harness the latest image processing technology to enhance your quality control processes.

Steel Strip Inspection

The use of the C6-3070MCS in steel strip inspection allows the iron and steel industry to optimize their inspection processes, thereby improving product quality and production process efficiency.

Steel Sheet Edge Inspection

Increase your productivity and quality in steel sheet edge inspection with the C6-1280CS. Experience the future of 3D profile sensing today!

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

Ladle Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera makes ladle inspection efficient, safe, and reliable, leading to increased productivity in the iron and steel industry.