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Ladle Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera makes ladle inspection efficient, safe, and reliable, leading to increased productivity in the iron and steel industry.

Maximum Productivity and Safety in Ladle Inspection

In the iron and steel industry, the challenges of ladle inspection are substantial but essential for smooth operations. AT – Automation Technology offers an effective and efficient solution with the IRSX infrared camera.


Inspecting ladles in steel production requires robust and reliable solutions capable of operating under extreme temperatures and conditions. Additionally, it’s crucial to have accurate and timely information about the ladle’s condition.


The IRSX infrared camera by AT has been specially designed for use in harsh industrial environments. It is a smart thermography camera that can communicate directly with the process control system without the need for an external PC or additional hardware.

You Benefits

The IRSX enables precise measurements even under extreme conditions.
The camera can be easily integrated into existing control systems.
Air Purge System
This feature protects the camera from dust and dirt, ensuring uninterrupted operation.