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Our innovative 3D sensors are revolutionizing quality control and process optimization in the automotive industry. The major advantages offered by AT include precise measurements and efficient solutions for error-free production.

3D Image Processing

3D Tire Inspection

With our C6-1280CS 3D laser triangulation sensors, automotive manufacturers can increase production capacity and reduce costs through comprehensive quality assurance, thanks to unparalleled precision and speed.

Battery Inspection

Battery Inspection In the electronics industry, precision is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to battery inspection. The C6-4090CS is a crucial step towards error-free production and ensures the highest quality through its outstanding specifications. If you are looking for the best instrument for battery inspection, you should consider the C6-4090CS.

Testing of Electronic Connectors

For automotive manufacturers that demand the highest quality for their electronic components, the C6-3070MCS Dual Head 3D sensor offers the necessary technology to ensure that every vehicle rolls off the assembly line with perfectly inspected connectors. It is an investment in the reliability and safety of every produced vehicle.

Brake Disc Inspection

The combination of speed and precision makes the C6-4090CS 3D profile sensor an indispensable tool in modern automotive production. Manufacturers can now ensure that their brake discs meet the strictest quality and safety requirements, and all of this in a fraction of the time previously required. Investing in the C6-4090CS is not only an investment in safety but also in efficiency.

Weld Seam Inspection

The C6-1280CS 3D profile sensor sets a new standard in weld seam inspection in the automotive industry. Its speed and adaptability enable manufacturers to raise their quality standards while operating more efficiently. In an industry where safety and quality are paramount, the C6-1280CS provides real added value.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

Carbon Fiber Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera represents the latest technology in quality assurance for carbon fibers. With its precise detection and fast response time, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the high quality and performance of carbon fibers while further optimizing production processes.


Monitoring and inspecting dashboards are crucial tasks in the automotive industry. With the IRSX infrared camera, car manufacturer can ensure that their dashboards meet the highest quality and safety standards. With its sensitivity and easy integration, the IRSX is an essential tool for modern vehicle production.


In an industry where precision and quality need to be maintained, the IRSX infrared camera offers a groundbreaking solution for monitoring the thermoforming process. Its contribution to reducing production costs and improving product quality makes it an indispensable tool in the modern plastics industry.
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