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Brake Disc Inspection

The combination of speed and precision makes the C6-4090CS 3D profile sensor an indispensable tool in modern automotive production. Manufacturers can now ensure that their brake discs meet the strictest quality and safety requirements, and all of this in a fraction of the time previously required. Investing in the C6-4090CS is not only an investment in safety but also in efficiency.

High-Precision Brake Disc Inspection in the Automotive Industry

Brake discs are one of the most safety-critical components of any vehicle. AT – Automation Technology offers state-of-the-art solutions for brake disc inspection to ensure quality and safety.


In the automotive industry, precise and efficient inspection of brake discs is essential. These parts must not only meet high-quality standards but also be inspected quickly and efficiently.


The 3D profile sensor C6-4090CS by AT is perfectly suited for this task. With its 4K resolution, the sensor provides highly accurate measurement results. The large Field of View (FOV) allows for the inspection of large brake discs or multiple smaller parts simultaneously. Thanks to its high speed, measurement results can be generated and processed quickly.

Your Benefits

Large FOV
Depending on the sensor model, a large field of view (FOV) enables efficient inspection of large areas or multiple small parts.
Incredible Speed
The high speed of the sensor allows for fast inspection and high throughput.
High Precision
High measurement accuracy ensures the highest quality and safety of the brake discs.