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Monitoring and inspecting dashboards are crucial tasks in the automotive industry. With the IRSX infrared camera, car manufacturer can ensure that their dashboards meet the highest quality and safety standards. With its sensitivity and easy integration, the IRSX is an essential tool for modern vehicle production.

Reliable Dashboard Inspection in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, inspecting vehicle dashboards is a crucial step in quality assurance. AT – Automation Technology provides the IRSX infrared camera to optimize and enhance this process.


Dashboards must be precisely inspected to ensure they function correctly under various operating conditions. This requires a reliable, highly sensitive inspection technology that can seamlessly integrate into existing production environments.


AT’s IRSX infrared camera is a smart thermography camera that reliably addresses these challenges. Thanks to its compact and robust industrial design, it can be used in almost any industrial environment. As a stand-alone solution, the IRSX communicates directly with the process control without the need for an external PC or additional hardware. Its high sensitivity ensures accurate dashboard inspection.

Your Benefits

The IRSX’s high sensitivity allows for precise dashboard inspection.
Easy integration of the camera into existing production systems thanks to its robust design and stand-alone capability.
Air Purge System
The air purge system protects the camera from contamination, resulting in increased operational uptime and lower maintenance costs.