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MCS Series

Modular 3D Sensor

  • Integrated 3D Sensor C6 Series
  • Modular sensor concept for individual solutions
  • Flexibly adaptable to customer requirements
  • No extra costs
  • No long delivery times
  • No minimum order quantities
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Modular 3D Compact Sensor

The Modular 3D Compact Sensor (MCS) from AT – Automation Technology is revolutionizing 3D image processing with its unique modularity, flexibility and high performance. This innovative system allows individual configuration in terms of scan width, measurement accuracy, speed, triangulation angle and working distance to perfectly match the needs of specific applications. With an unprecedented profile speed of 200 kHz and a resolution of 4096 points per profile, the MCS sets technological standards. It overcomes traditional hurdles such as high NRE costs and long development times by combining the reliability of a series product with the flexibility of a customized solution, without additional costs or minimum order quantities.

Application recommendation

  • Electronics & Semicon
  • eMobility & Battery
  • Automotive
  • Metrology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Transportation
  • Iron & Steel
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sorting & Recycling