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Baking Volume Control

Consistency in baking volume is a crucial quality factor in bakery production. With the C6-2040CS 3D-Profiling sensor, bakeries and food producers gain a powerful tool to effectively monitor and optimize this critical aspect of their production process.

Efficient Baking Volume Control in the Food Industry

In the food industry, especially in the bakery sector, precise control of baking volume is a crucial factor for the quality of the end product. AT – Automation Technology offers the C6-2040CS 3D-Profiling sensor for this purpose.


The fast and precise assessment of the baking volume of baked goods is of great importance for consistent product quality and production efficiency. The inspection equipment must be able to adapt to different sizes and shapes of baked goods.


The 3D-Profiling sensor C6-2040CS from AT is perfectly suited for this challenge. It offers high-speed capabilities to improve production rates and a variety of lasers to choose from, allowing it to adapt to different shapes and sizes of baked goods.

Ihre Vorteile

The sensor’s high speed enables quick and efficient inspection of baking volume.
Laser Selection
A wide range of lasers allows for optimal adaptation to various shapes and sizes of baked goods.
The 2K sensor (2048 pixels) ensures high precision in the inspection process.