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Product Chat

This chatbot provides assistance for questions about 3D and IR products. Relevant information on all products can be found in the official AT Product Documentation.

Typical questions
  • What is region tracking?
    Was ist Region Tracking?
    ¿Qué es el seguimiento de regiones?

  • The IRSX-I shows a temperature drift, what can I do?
    Die IRSX-I zeigt eine Temperaturdrift, was kann ich tun?
    La IRSX-I muestra una deriva de temperatura, ¿qué puedo hacer?

  • What software does AT offer for the 3D and IR cameras?
    Welche Software bietet AT zu den 3D und IR Kameras an?
    ¿Qué software ofrece AT para las cámaras 3D e infrarrojas?