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IRSX Accessories

In addition to our smart IRSX infrared camera, we offer a wide portfolio of IR accessories to seamlessly integrate and user-friendly apply our products in any industry and environment.


GigE Cable

The GigE cable connects the IRSX camera to the network. It is designed to be durable and resistant to pulling and tearing, available in various lengths, and equipped with an M12 connector on the camera end, supporting IP67 protection class. On the network side, there is an RJ45 connector.

Power I/O Cable

The durable and tear-resistant Power I/O cable ensures a reliable connection between the IRSX infrared camera and the I/O panel. The Power I/O cable is compliant with standards due to its M12 connectors, and its IP67 protection rating makes it suitable for use in any industry. The cable is available in various lengths. A pigtail version is also available if the camera’s power supply and signals need to be connected without the I/O panel.

90° Adapter Cable

The integration of an IRSX infrared camera often takes place in tight spaces where standard and M12 connectors can sometimes cause cable routing issues. Our 90° adapter cable is a simple and elegant solution for this purpose.

Connection Panel

Camera I/O Panel

The I/O panel provides a user-friendly way to connect the power supply and I/O signals of the IRSX camera. The I/O panel features reverse polarity protection and is equipped with a 2-ampere fuse.

Smart Blackbody

Smart Blackbody IRS Calilux

Our intelligent blackbody reference radiator IRS Calilux is an indispensable component when it comes to building a truly fail-safe temperature imaging system. By transmitting the actual blackbody temperature, the camera can automatically detect whether it is still measuring accurately and send a corresponding signal to the connected process control technology. Within adjustable limits, it can also correct its measurements based on the blackbody temperature to obtain highly accurate measurement results. This can increase the accuracy of an IRSX camera to up to ±0.3°C. In practice, the IRS Calilux can also be used to verify the calibration of infrared cameras on-site. Removing the camera and sending it back to the manufacturer, along with associated costs and temporary downtime of the camera system, can often be avoided. For this purpose, our smart blackbody radiator is supplied with a traceable, highly precise radiometric calibration. Communication between the IRSX camera and IRS Calilux can be done via Ethernet or WLAN, ensuring maximum flexibility in practical use.

Protective Housing


The IRCamSafeEX-AXB/C series is a range of protective housings designed for the installation of infrared cameras in hazardous areas prone to explosions. These housings are approved for use with IRSX series infrared cameras, as well as FLIR cameras of the A series. The certification covers both the housing and the camera, eliminating the need for re-certification after camera installation, which is required by other providers of protective housings. The AXC variant is also approved for use in hazardous areas prone to combustible dust.

IRCamSafe 168 AI/AIW

The IRCamSafe 168 AI housing series is designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The camera and additional electronic components are housed inside the protective enclosure. The housing is made of stainless steel, making it dustproof, waterproof, and weather-resistant (IP66). The camera lens used is additionally protected from external influences by a protective window.