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Bar Steel Inspection

With the C6-3070 camera, you can ensure the quality of your rod steel products while increasing your production efficiency. Harness the latest image processing technology to enhance your quality control processes.

Bar Steel Inspection Optimization with the C6-3070 Camera

In the iron and steel industry, quality control of bar steel is of top priority. The C6-3070 camera, a high-resolution 3D sensor, provides a superior solution to this challenge due to its exceptional speed and precision.


Inspecting bar steel requires accuracy, speed, and the ability to analyze all facets of the material in detail. These inspections must be fast and precise to ensure consistent product quality and avoid production delays.


The C6-3070 camera, with its 3K sensor, offers an optimal solution for bar steel inspection. With its high resolution and speed, on-chip processing, and unique features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, the camera delivers detailed 3D point clouds for a thorough analysis of the steel material.

Your Benefits

The C6-3070 camera is the world’s fastest 3D sensor in terms of the combination of resolution and speed, enabling fast and efficient inspections.
With the unique functions of MultiPart and MultiPeak, the C6-3070 camera can perform a more detailed evaluation of the 3D point cloud, allowing it to detect the finest details in the bar steel.
Own Sensor Chip
This feature allows data processing to be performed directly on the camera’s chip, further increasing the speed and efficiency of the inspection.