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AT Enables Up to Ten Times Faster 3D Scans Than Existing Sensors

November 8, 2022

Fast, faster, fastest. AT – Automation Technology has recently developed its own sensor chip that turns the 3D sensors of the new C6-3070 series from the northern German technology company into the fastest in the world. In terms of the combination of resolution and speed, the new product is currently unmatched and sets completely new standards in the image processing industry with its new WARP (Widely Advanced Rapid Profiling) technology.

The reason for the galactically fast 3D scans is the on-chip processing of the new 3D sensor chip: This detects the laser line and compresses it without loss using intelligent algorithms. As a result, the sensor achieves an unprecedented 3D profile pixel rate of, for example, 128 megapixels at an ROI of 200 lines with a profile speed of 42 kHz.

In order to achieve the highest possible profile rates, Region of Interests (ROI) are first defined within the sensor. In addition, a so-called Region Tracking is available for maximizing reliability. This has the great advantage that the ROI is also optimally positioned around the laser line for components that move during the measurement process and are not fixed. Highly intelligent 3D algorithms also automatically ensure highly precise extraction of the height information of the scanned object.

AT’s on-chip processing has the following advantages:

  • World’s fastest 3D profiling
  • On-chip processing to handle up to 29 gigapixels/s
  • 3D profile pixel rate of 128 million/s at 200 lines ROI

With support for standards such as GeniCam 3.0 and numerous features such as Multipart and MultiPeak, the customer also receives even more reliable and detailed data and can easily scan transparent surfaces such as glass.

World's Fastest 3D Sensor
World’s Fastest 3D Sensor