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Maximum Cost Efficiency: New 3D Sensors for Food Industry, Logistics and More

January 30, 2024

Bad Oldesloe. ECS stands for Eco Compact Sensor and is the latest innovation in the field of 3D sensor technology in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. Its particular benefit: its cost efficiency. Thanks to the use of less expensive optics and sensors, as well as the support of class 2M lasers with a wavelength of 660 nm, the products in the ECS series are available at a surprisingly low price without compromising on reliable performance.

Designed as a standardized version, the ECS sensors are ideal for applications in the food and logistics industries as well as robot vision, where high-performance technology is oftentimes not required. With an output of 2048 points per profile and a high speed of up to 25 kHz, the ECS sensors offer fast and precise data acquisition based on the principle of laser triangulation. In addition, various field of views are available, such as 100 or 160 mm (others are planned), which enable adaptation to a wide range of detection ranges and requirements.

Another outstanding feature of the ECS series is its compact design. The sensors can be easily integrated into almost any application without the need for extensive customization. Thanks to the GigE-Vision / GenICam data interface, the software connection can be quickly implemented in machine vision applications. This makes them an ideal choice for projects where cost and efficiency are a priority, without having to compromise on quality.

In summary, the ECS series offers the following advantages:

▪ Price-performance ratio: Cost-efficient 3D sensor for demanding applications

▪ Software standards for simple integration: GigE-Vision / GenICam and 3rd party software support

▪ Cross-industry application rangeIdeal for food industry, logistics and robot vision