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AT Smart Infrared Camera IRSX impresses with unique app and job concept

February 12, 2021

In order to attract attention in the field of temperature-measuring smart infrared cameras, not only innovative technology is required. Above all, it also requires special features that often make the use of the camera in thermal process control possible in the first place. Like the IRSX smart infrared camera from AT – Automation Technology.

Thanks to its high-precision calibration model, the AT smart infrared camera already impresses with a very high measurement accuracy of +/- 2°C. However, what makes it particularly interesting for industrial use is its variety of different apps that are not only available, but can also be exchanged at any time, allowing the functionality of the camera to be changed flexibly. Available apps include Standard-GEV, Smart-Processing or Factory Automation. In addition, AT offers further application-specific apps such as the measurement of elevated body temperature (EBT), which has been integrated, for example, into the specially developed mobile fever measurement control FebriScan. By the way, switching the camera functionality by activating the respective app is possible at any time, as the camera can store several apps.[vc_single_image image=”8281″ img_size=”full”][vc_single_image image=”8283″ img_size=”full”]Another unique selling point of the IRSX is its so-called Multiple Job Feature. Similar to the variable app feature, any number of product-specific jobs can be stored on the smart infrared camera, and switching between them is just as easy thanks to numerous integrated interfaces such as Modbus, REST-API/OpenAPI or LUA scripting. AT has only recently implemented LUA Scripting in the camera in order to again significantly expand the flexibility when using the IRSX for a wide variety of applications.