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The Modular 3D Compact Sensor: A Revolution For The 3D Imaging Industry

April 15, 2021

Applicable across industries, individually configurable, effectively process-optimizing: The modular 3D compact sensor from AT – Automation Technology, MCS for short, opens up a new dimension for 3D image processing with its globally unique modularity, flexibility and performance. Based on a modular system with different sensor, laser and link modules, each MCS triangulation sensor is individually assembled through the flexible configuration of scan width, measurement accuracy, measurement speed as well as triangulation angle and working distance and thus optimally adapted to the requirements of the application. In addition, with the highest profile speed of 200 kHz currently available on the market and a resolution of 4096 points per profile, the MCS also sets new technical standards and can be integrated into any existing system thanks to a simple plug-and-play principle.

With the modular 3D compact sensor, AT – Automation Technology thus overcomes for the first time the problem that triangulation sensors have always been associated with high NRE costs and long development times due to the resolution, speed and flexibility requirements with regard to sensor configuration. Based on the newly developed MCS concept, AT can supply the optimally tailored sensor for every application as an individual solution with the reliability of a serial product – and without additional costs for customer-specific developments, without minimum order quantities and without long delivery times.