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In an industry where precision and quality need to be maintained, the IRSX infrared camera offers a groundbreaking solution for monitoring the thermoforming process. Its contribution to reducing production costs and improving product quality makes it an indispensable tool in the modern plastics industry.

Optimizing the Thermoforming Process: Infrared Camera IRSX Ensures the Highest Product Quality in the Plastic Industry

Thermoforming is a central process in the plastic industry. To ensure the highest quality and efficiency in this process, precise temperature monitoring is essential. The IRSX infrared camera redefines this step technologically.


In the thermoforming of plastics, even the slightest temperature variations can lead to defects in the final product. An inaccurate or slow-reacting monitoring system can result in high rejection rates and production costs.


The IRSX infrared camera provides an innovative solution to these challenges. With its high-resolution thermography, it accurately detects temperature fluctuations in real-time during the thermoforming process. Thanks to its stand-alone capability, it can directly interact with the process control, enabling a rapid response to deviations.

Ihre Vorteile

High Sensitivity
By finely capturing temperature differences, it can detect and correct even minor variations in the thermoforming process early on.
Easy Integration
Its compact and robust design allows for seamless integration into existing production lines.
Air Purge System
This feature ensures that the camera optics remain free of contamination, ensuring consistently clear and high image quality.