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Testing of Electronic Connectors

For automotive manufacturers that demand the highest quality for their electronic components, the C6-3070MCS Dual Head 3D sensor offers the necessary technology to ensure that every vehicle rolls off the assembly line with perfectly inspected connectors. It is an investment in the reliability and safety of every produced vehicle.

Testing of Over 1.7 Million Pins per Day

A modern car consists of approximately 5,000 different connectors, each equipped with numerous pins that control the entire vehicle’s electronics. On average, each vehicle utilizes around 100,000 pins, which undergo a highly precise quality inspection before installation. This is crucial because the malfunction of a single pin could lead to a complete failure of the entire car’s electronics. To address this need, AT – Automation Technology GmbH, in collaboration with aku.automation, has developed an application that reliably checks the coplanarity of these pins. This inspection operates 24/7 in up to 40 machines simultaneously, resulting in the examination of approximately 1.7 million pins per day.


The crucial factors in this application are not only the enormous speed required for inspection but also the reliable assessment of pin condition after assembly. Additionally, the challenge was to develop an application that could be applied to many different types of electronic connectors and be user-friendly for the customer.


The electronic connectors are inspected using high-resolution 3D dual-head sensors from AT’s new C6 series. These sensors simultaneously scan the pins of the electronic connectors from two sides to avoid occlusion and provide more detailed data for the 3D point cloud. What makes this solution unique is that AT has developed a sensor chip with the innovative “Widely Advance Rapid Profiling” (WARP) technology for the new C6 sensor. This sensor operates at an astonishingly fast profile speed of up to 38 kHz and offers a resolution of 3,072 points per profile. As a result, inspections like those of electronic connectors suddenly take on an entirely new dimension.

Your Benefits

Dual Head Sensor
Dual Head Sensor: AT 3D sensors simultaneously scan the pins of electronic connectors from two sides to avoid occlusion and provide a more detailed point cloud.
A highly precise laser enables accurate and detailed inspection.
The sensor’s high speed allows for high throughput while maintaining precision.