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Weld Seam Inspection

The C6-1280CS 3D profile sensor sets a new standard in weld seam inspection in the automotive industry. Its speed and adaptability enable manufacturers to raise their quality standards while operating more efficiently. In an industry where safety and quality are paramount, the C6-1280CS provides real added value.

Efficient Weld Seam Inspection in the Automotive Industry

Weld seams are critical for structural integrity in automotive production. AT – Automation Technology offers an optimal solution for the inspection and testing of weld seams to meet the highest quality and safety standards.


The inspection of weld seams must be quick and precise to avoid production downtime and quality issues. Furthermore, welding applications vary in their nature and require different types of lasers for effective inspection.


These challenges can be addressed with AT’s 3D profile sensor C6-1280CS. The sensor offers high speed to optimize production throughput and a variety of lasers to choose from to adapt to different weld seam characteristics.

Ihre Vorteile

The sensor’s high speed ensures efficient processes and short inspection times.
Laser Selection
A wide range of lasers allows for optimal adaptation to different weld seam applications.
Thanks to the 1K sensor (1280 pixels), high precision is ensured during inspection.