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Railway Track Inspection

Increase the Efficiency and Safety of Your Railway Track Inspection with the Ultra-Fast 3D Camera C6-1280. Benefit from the Future of Image Processing Technology Today!

Setting New Standards in Railway Track Inspection with the C6-1280 Camera

Railway track inspection is a crucial factor for safety and efficiency in rail operations. With the ultra-fast 3D camera C6-1280, we can significantly enhance this process.


Railway tracks must be regularly and thoroughly inspected to ensure safe and smooth operations. These inspections need to be conducted quickly, accurately, and reliably to minimize operational disruptions and maximize safety.


The ultra-fast 3D camera C6-1280 provides the perfect solution for these challenges. With an impressive profile speed of up to 200 kHz, it is the fastest of its kind globally. Additionally, it supports features like MultiSlope, MultiPart, and MultiPeak for maximum precision. Thanks to its compatibility with GigE-Vision / GenICam 3D, it can be seamlessly integrated into any image processing software.

Your Benefits

With the world’s fastest profile speed of up to 200 kHz, the C6-1280 enables significantly faster railway track inspections, resulting in increased operational efficiency.
By utilizing features like MultiSlope, MultiPart, and MultiPeak, the C6-1280 delivers extremely accurate results, enhancing safety in rail operations.
The compatibility with GigE-Vision / GenICam 3D allows for easy integration of the C6-1280 into existing image processing software.