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Steel Strip Inspection

The use of the C6-3070MCS in steel strip inspection allows the iron and steel industry to optimize their inspection processes, thereby improving product quality and production process efficiency.

Improving Steel Strip Inspection with the Modular 3D Profile Sensor C6-3070MCS

The quality of steel strips is of paramount importance in the iron and steel industry. Precise inspection is necessary to detect defects and ensure product quality, and this is where the modular 3D profile sensor C6-3070MCS plays a transformative role.


When inspecting steel strips, it is crucial to detect irregularities, defects, and other quality issues reliably and quickly. Conventional inspection methods can be time-consuming and may not always provide the required level of accuracy.


The C6-3070MCS is a modular 3D profile sensor with an exceptionally high resolution of 3K (3070 pixels). With its on-chip processing and unique features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, it provides a detailed analysis of the 3D point cloud, creating a comprehensive image of the inspection target.

Your Benefits

As the world’s fastest 3D sensor in terms of resolution and speed, the C6-3070MCS enables fast and efficient inspection of steel strips.
Thanks to features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, the sensor delivers high-resolution 3D images that allow for thorough analysis and precise determination of the quality of steel strips.
Modular Design
Its modular design allows the sensor to be tailored to the specific requirements of steel strip inspection, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness.