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Steel Sheet Edge Inspection

Increase your productivity and quality in steel sheet edge inspection with the C6-1280CS. Experience the future of 3D profile sensing today!

Ultra-Fast and Precise Steel Sheet Edge Inspection with the C6-1280CS

The inspection of steel sheet edges is a critical step in the production and processing of steel. With the C6-1280CS, the ultra-fast 3D profile sensor, we significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of this process.


The requirements for steel sheet edge inspection in the iron and steel industry are high. These inspections need to be conducted quickly, accurately, and reliably to ensure productivity and quality.


The C6-1280CS 3D profile sensor excels in meeting these requirements. With an incredible profile speed of up to 200 kHz, it is the fastest of its kind worldwide. It supports features like MultiSlope, MultiPart, and MultiPeak for the highest precision and is easy to integrate into any image processing software, thanks to GigE-Vision / GenICam 3D.

Your Benefits

The C6-1280CS achieves the world’s fastest profile speed of up to 200 kHz, greatly boosting productivity in your manufacturing line
By utilizing features like MultiSlope, MultiPart, and MultiPeak, the C6-1280CS delivers extremely accurate results, ensuring high product quality.
Thanks to compatibility with GigE-Vision / GenICam 3D, the sensor seamlessly integrates into your existing image processing software.