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Food Branding

Instead of printing the barcode on the packaging, it can also be laser-engraved directly onto the skin of fruits or vegetables. This saves packaging costs and is environmentally friendly. However, to ensure that the skin is not damaged in the process, the laser’s focus must be precise despite the varying sizes of individual fruits. The C6-2040CS 3D sensor from AT assists with this.

Labeling Food Directly on the Skin

AT – Automation Technology has developed an application in collaboration with system manufacturer EcoMark that allows for the laser marking of food directly on the skin. The 3D sensor from AT determines the position of the fruit or vegetable on the conveyor belt and then transmits this signal to the marking laser.


AT has developed a 3D sensor that is both fast and highly precise while reliably sending data to the labeling laser despite changing measurement widths and varying positions of the food items.


A 3D sensor from the C6-2040CS series. AT’s 2040 sensors not only combine speed and accuracy but also allow for a measurement width of up to one meter with a high resolution of 2,048 measurement points. Furthermore, they are virtually maintenance-free, require minimal support, and can be easily integrated into any existing system via Plug & Play using their GigEVision interface without much installation effort.

Your Benefits

Sustainable Labeling
Food branding eliminates packaging costs, making this process not only much more environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.
Flexible Branding Options
Thanks to the highly sensitive labeling lasers, each type of fruit and vegetable can be reliably marked, regardless of size and skin thickness.
A Future-Proof 3D Application
AT’s 3D sensor scans more than 100,000 products per hour in the labeling machine, making food branding not only sustainable but also highly economical.