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AT – Automation Technology adds smart technology to IRSX infrared camera series

July 7, 2021

Intelligent sensor technology is playing an increasingly decisive role in the advancing digital transformation in industry. With its IRSX smart infrared camera series, AT-Automation Technology offers for the first time a solution for intelligent temperature image processing. With their app concept, the cameras are based on the same principle which is familiar from smartphones: the loaded app decides on the functionality provided. Almost any number of apps can be stored on the camera and it is also possible to switch between them within a very short time during operation. This opens up completely new dimensions of flexibility for practical use.

Apps such as Smart-Processing or Extended Smart-Processing are available, which enable the fully graphical creation of application-specific measurement plans in the shortest possible time and with the least possible effort. In addition, the number of apps that already represent finished application solutions is being continuously expanded. This includes, for example, an app for the high-precision detection of elevated temperature of the human body.

Developed as an all-in-one solution, the Smart IRSX as an autonomous imaging sensor is a true all-rounder for temperature monitoring in any industrial environment. Since it has a so-called multiple job feature, any number of product-specific measurement plans can be stored on the camera and it can be switched between them in near real-time. This feature is indispensable, for example, for temperature monitoring in production processes where several different products are manufactured in alternation.

Numerous integrated interfaces such as Modbus, LUA scripting or REST-API/OpenAPI, as well as a design with IP67 degree of protection and integrated air purge for the lens complete the features of the IRSX cameras that have been consistently optimized for industrial use.[sc_image position=”centered” disable_lightbox=”1″ src=”/8519″]Further information about the product: