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Solar Panel Inspection

The use of the IRSX infrared camera in the world’s largest solar park clearly demonstrates how modern technology can enhance the efficiency and reliability of solar energy projects. This advanced inspection method is an example of how innovations in technology can contribute to achieving sustainability goals.

Innovation in Solar Panel Inspection: Use of the IRSX Infrared Camera in the World’s Largest Solar Park

The use of solar energy plays a crucial role in the global energy mix. In this context, the construction of the world’s largest solar park in the Dubai desert by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) is a remarkable step. For quality control of the solar panels in this massive project, AT’s state-of-the-art IRSX infrared camera, implemented by our partner ATLAB Trading L.L.C., is used.


In a project of this size and importance, the reliable performance of each individual solar panel is critical. Faulty panels can impair the efficiency of the entire solar park. Therefore, precise and efficient inspection is essential.


The IRSX infrared camera, with its highly sensitive active thermography technology, is ideal for inspecting the solar panels. In the specialized research and development center set up by ATLAB Trading L.L.C for DEWA, this camera plays a central role in quality control.

Your benefits

High Sensitivity
The camera detects even the smallest defects and therefore enables the quick sorting out of unusable materials.
Easy Integration
The stand-alone design of the IRSX allows for straightforward and efficient integration into existing systems without the need for additional hardware or PCs.
Clear Vision
The air-blowing device ensures that the camera lens is always kept free of dust, thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements without interruptions.
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