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3D Electronics Inspection on a New Level: MultiPart and MultiPeak from AT

November 12, 2021

When it comes to making the quality control of components in the electronics industry even more reliable, precision for detecting the smallest defects has top priority. To optimize precisely this inspection process, AT – Automation Technology has equipped its 3D sensors with globally unique features, enabling a whole new level of inspection with its new C6 series. So,the days are over when the customer only had to use 3D point clouds for orientation. The crucial new feature here is MultiPart, which allows up to ten different features to be output simultaneously, regardless of pixel format or algorithm.

In addition to the information about different peaks (MultiPeak), which is often indispensable for suppressing secondary reflections of the laser line, MultiPart also provides the customer with additional data such as reflectance, scatter or confidence. This not only makes it possible to generate a photorealistic representation of the inspection object instead of the previous simple point cloud, it also makes it very easy to implement 2D inspection tasks such as character recognition or inspection of QR codes. And this even in accordance with the latest GenICam3D standard and in the form of a plug&play principle, so that not only completely new horizons are opened up in terms of precision, but application development also progresses significantly faster as a result. Thus, the new 3D sensors of the C6 series from AT offer particularly innovative and highly accurate features, which represent an enormous advantage, especially in the inspection of minimal, electronic components.[sc_image position=”centered” disable_lightbox=”1″ src=”/8698″]