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Our innovative sensors are revolutionizing quality control and process optimization in the food industry. The significant benefits of using AT sensors include precise measurements and efficient solutions for error-free production.

3D Image Processing

  • Food Branding

    Instead of printing the barcode on the packaging, it can also be laser-engraved directly onto the skin of fruits or vegetables. This saves packaging costs and is environmentally friendly. However, to ensure that the skin is not damaged in the process, the laser’s focus must be precise despite the varying sizes of individual fruits. The C6-2040CS 3D sensor from AT assists with this.
  • Can Inspection

    How high-precision 3D sensors from AT and reliable inspection software from EVT are revolutionizing quality control in the beverage industry.
  • Baking Volume Control

    Consistency in baking volume is a crucial quality factor in bakery production. With the C6-2040CS 3D-Profiling sensor, bakeries and food producers gain a powerful tool to effectively monitor and optimize this critical aspect of their production process.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

  • Seal Seam Inspection

    The food industry constantly faces the challenge of maintaining the highest quality standards, and the IRSX infrared camera is a key tool to achieve this. In seal seam inspection, it enables reliable, accurate, and efficient monitoring, ensuring product quality is always guaranteed.
  • Temperature Control of Tortillas

    The production of tortillas requires precision, especially in temperature control. With the IRSX infrared camera, producers can ensure that every step of the baking process is optimally monitored. The result is consistently high-quality tortillas.