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Temperature Control of Tortillas

The production of tortillas requires precision, especially in temperature control. With the IRSX infrared camera, producers can ensure that every step of the baking process is optimally monitored. The result is consistently high-quality tortillas.

Reliable Temperature Control of Tortillas in the Food Industry

In the food industry, temperature control is crucial in the production of tortillas. AT – Automation Technology offers the innovative solution of the IRSX infrared camera for this purpose.


Precise temperature control during the baking process is essential for the quality and safety of tortillas. This requires high sensitivity that can seamlessly integrate into existing production systems.


The smart IRSX infrared camera from AT meets these requirements precisely. It is a smart thermographic camera that, thanks to its compact and robust industrial design, can be used in almost any industrial environment. It communicates as a stand-alone solution directly with the process control, without the need for an external PC or additional hardware.

Your Benefits

The high sensitivity of the IRSX enables precise temperature control of tortillas.
Easy integration of the camera into existing production systems due to its robust design and stand-alone capability.
Air Purge System
An air purge system protects the camera from contamination, leading to longer operating times and lower maintenance costs.