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Our innovative 3D sensors are revolutionizing quality control and process optimization in the electronics industry. The key advantages of using AT include repeatable and accurate measurements for high-yield production.

3D Image Processing

  • Battery Inspection

    Battery Inspection In the electronics industry, precision is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to battery inspection. The C6-4090CS is a crucial step towards error-free production and ensures the highest quality through its outstanding specifications. If you are looking for the best instrument for battery inspection, you should consider the C6-4090CS.
  • BGA Inspection

    For manufacturers in the electronics industry requiring reliable and accurate BGA (Ball Grid Array) inspection, the C6-3070CS not only provides the required precision but also speed and efficiency. With this sensor, quality assurance is taken to a new level.
  • PCB Inspection

    The C6-3070CS takes PCB inspection to the next level. It combines speed with precision and ensures that printed circuit boards (PCBs) meet the highest quality standards. Manufacturers looking for an advanced solution for their inspection processes will find an indispensable partner in the C6-3070CS.
  • OLED Inspection

    For electronics manufacturers producing or utilizing OLED displays, the C6-4090CS is an indispensable tool. Its advanced features and high accuracy ensure that every display meets the expected quality and delights consumers. With the C6-4090CS, manufacturers are well-equipped to meet the ever-growing demands for OLED quality.
  • Smartphone Inspection

    In the world of smartphones, where every detail matters, the C6-4090CS offers the precision and speed required to meet the highest quality standards. For manufacturers looking to compete in a fiercely competitive market, this profile sensor is an essential companion.
  • Testing of Electronic Connectors

    For automotive manufacturers that demand the highest quality for their electronic components, the C6-3070MCS Dual Head 3D sensor offers the necessary technology to ensure that every vehicle rolls off the assembly line with perfectly inspected connectors. It is an investment in the reliability and safety of every produced vehicle.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

  • Early Fire Detection

    In an industry where every second counts, the infrared camera IRSX provides the wood industry with an indispensable advantage in fire detection. Its ability to detect and alert potential fire sources early ensures that damages are minimized, and resources are protected.