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3D Sensor All-Rounder from AT Inspects Beverage Containers on a Piecework Basis

May 15, 2022
3D scanner profiling cans

When a beverage can or crown cap is opened, it must fizz. Only then can the customer be sure that the beverage container was not only securely closed, but also that the quality promise was kept. And this very fizzing is related to a number of different factors that need to be controlled during quality inspection. With its C5-2040CS 3D compact sensor for the inspection of beverage containers, AT – Automation Technology offers a sensor that can be used as an all-rounder for both bottle and can inspection.

With a resolution of 2,048 measuring points per profile, the AT sensor is not only very precise, it also impresses with an enormous speed of 25,000 profiles per second at a viewing width of 100 millimeters.[sc_image src=”/8866″]This results directly in three major advantages that this 3D sensor has:

  1. the large field of view allows the sensor to react flexibly to the position of the beverage container on the conveyor belt
  2. due to the high accuracy, a very detailed 3D point cloud is determined, which detects even the smallest deviations from the norm
  3. due to the extreme speed, the sensor enables an inspection cadence of several million beverage containers per day

Thanks to the standard GigE Vision and GeniCam interfaces, the C5-2040CS 3D compact sensor can be quickly and easily integrated into any machine vision system, just like all other 3D compact sensors from AT. In addition, the sensors are designed for 24/7 operation and can run reliably and trouble-free for many years.