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Our innovative sensors are revolutionizing quality control and process optimization in the wood processing industry. The significant advantages provided by these sensors include precise measurements and efficient solutions for flawless production.

3D Image Processing

  • Determination of timber logs

    The C6-2040 camera is an essential tool for the timber industry. Its advanced features and capabilities enable the quick, accurate, and efficient determination of timber logs. For businesses looking to increase their efficiency and ensure the quality of their wood products, this camera is the ideal choice.
  • Squared Timber Inspection

    Experience the ultimate solution for squared timber inspection with the C6-1280CS and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your production processes.
  • Surface Inspection of Parquet Wood

    The C6-4090CS represents a breakthrough in the surface inspection of parquet wood. Its ability to work quickly and accurately sets new standards in the wood industry. For manufacturers looking to provide their customers with the highest quality parquet, this sensor is an indispensable tool.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

  • Early Fire Detection

    In an industry where every second counts, the infrared camera IRSX provides the wood industry with an indispensable advantage in fire detection. Its ability to detect and alert potential fire sources early ensures that damages are minimized, and resources are protected.