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Our innovative 3D sensors are revolutionizing the process and condition monitoring of energy supply infrastructure. The key advantages of using AT technology include precise measurements and efficient solutions for flawless operation.

3D Image Processing

  • Overhead Line Inspection

    Harness the advantages of the C6-4090 camera for a fast and precise inspection of overhead lines. Enhance safety and efficiency in your railway operations with cutting-edge image processing technology.

IR Thermal Imaging Processing

  • Early Fire Detection

    In an industry where every second counts, the infrared camera IRSX provides the wood industry with an indispensable advantage in fire detection. Its ability to detect and alert potential fire sources early ensures that damages are minimized, and resources are protected.
  • Monitoring of Electrical Substations

    In today’s world, where the demand for energy is constantly increasing, and the security of infrastructure is of top priority, the IRSX infrared camera from AT offers a forward-thinking solution. With its ability to detect fires long before they ignite, it sets new standards in early fire detection and ensures the safety and efficiency of substations worldwide.