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Becoming an international player through pioneering spirit and innovation

“In-House Superpowers”

At AT, we develop, design, and build all sensors and components in-house. Every electronic detail, every screw, and every optic is consciously chosen and harmonized with one another.
The first step before developing something new is research. We conduct numerous feasibility studies and tests to be truly convinced of the effectiveness of a new product.
The spirit of innovation is always at the forefront of our sensor production. We aspire to set milestones in the image processing industry with our products.
The development of our products continually presents us with exciting challenges because we don’t sell a sensor that we are not completely convinced of.
Manufacturing is the core of our company. In the cleanroom, all sensors and components are assembled under highly sensitive and hygienic conditions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

For us, innovation means consistently remaining ahead of our competitors while ensuring that our customer’s experience is never hindered. Our aim is to offer distinct benefits to our users through our technology, from which they can derive significant value.

Industry 4.0
Easy handling, customer-friendly operation, and innovative technology are of utmost importance to us in developing our products. We aim to stay ahead of the standard without deviating from it. Once integrated, our sensors operate autonomously and use common IoT protocols. Therefore, they are consistently designed for Industry 4.0 and ensure a quick market launch.
Exclusive Sensor Chip
Unique design, high-resolution imager, integrated on-sensor processing: AT’s R&D team has developed a special sensor chip that enables speeds that are unparalleled to date. Furthermore, through our own technology development, we are independent of third-party suppliers and can continuously advance our own technology.

Your Benefits

Customized Products

We have complete in-house expertise, from sensor design to FPGA and electronics, optics, and mechanics. This allows us to offer flexible products tailored to the application.

Global Availability

Our company is represented worldwide by experienced distribution partners in Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.

Future-Proof Purchases

AT products have not only a long-term availability, but also the significant advantage of being compatible with any system due to their standardized interfaces (GigE Vision, Genicam, etc.).

Close Support

Thanks to our years of application experience and expertise as integrators, we understand every application down to the smallest detail. Additionally, we provide comprehensive documentation with numerous examples.
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