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Seal Seam Inspection

The food industry constantly faces the challenge of maintaining the highest quality standards, and the IRSX infrared camera is a key tool to achieve this. In seal seam inspection, it enables reliable, accurate, and efficient monitoring, ensuring product quality is always guaranteed.

Seal Seam Inspection in the Food Industry

The quality of seal seams is crucial in the food industry to ensure the safety and durability of products. AT – Automation Technology provides an ideal solution for this requirement with the IRSX infrared camera.


Precise and fast inspection of seal seams is essential to avoid product defects and waste. Furthermore, the inspection technology must be robust and seamlessly integrate into existing production processes.


The IRSX infrared camera by AT addresses these challenges. It is a smart thermographic camera that, thanks to its compact and robust industrial design, can be used in nearly any industrial environment. As a stand-alone solution, the IRSX can communicate directly with the process control system without the need for an external PC or additional hardware.

Ihre Vorteile

The high sensitivity of the IRSX enables precise control of seal seams.
Easy integration of the camera into existing production systems due to its robust design and stand-alone capability.
Air Purge System
The air purge system protects the camera from contamination, ensuring longer operating times and lower maintenance costs.