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Plastic Weld Seam Inspection

The IRSX infrared camera sets new standards in plastic weld seam inspection. Its advanced technology allows manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products while increasing efficiency and productivity. In an industry where any defect can be costly, the IRSX represents a valuable investment.

Precise Control of Plastic Weld Seams

Plastic weld seams must be inspected for the highest integrity and quality to ensure long-term safety and performance. AT – Automation Technology offers an effective solution to this challenge with the IRSX infrared camera.


Inspecting weld seams in plastic parts is a demanding task that requires high sensitivity and precise temperature measurement to detect defects and inconsistencies.


With the IRSX infrared camera, AT has developed a powerful tool that meets the requirements of weld seam inspection. Thanks to its robust industrial design and standalone configuration, allowing for use without an external PC or additional hardware, the IRSX is well-equipped for industrial applications.

Your Benefits

High sensitivity enables precise temperature measurements.
Easy integration into existing process control systems.
Air Purge System
The air purge system ensures reliable operation even under challenging conditions.