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Overhead Line Inspection

Harness the advantages of the C6-4090 camera for a fast and precise inspection of overhead lines. Enhance safety and efficiency in your railway operations with cutting-edge image processing technology.

Improving Overhead Line Inspection with the High-Resolution C6-4090 Camera

Overhead line inspection plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of railway transportation. The high-resolution 3D camera C6-4090 is revolutionizing inspection procedures by offering improved speed and accuracy.


Overhead lines need to be regularly and thoroughly inspected to ensure the safety and efficiency of railway transportation. These inspections must be fast, accurate, and comprehensive to detect and address potential issues early.


The 3D camera C6-4090, equipped with a 4K sensor and high resolution, provides a powerful solution to these challenges. With its high speed and precision, coupled with a large field of view (FOV), it enables a thorough and efficient inspection of overhead lines.

Your Benefits

Field of View
The C6-4090 camera covers a wide field of view, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of overhead lines in a single capture.
The camera offers high capture speeds, facilitating swift inspections without disrupting railway traffic.
With its 4K sensor, the C6-4090 camera delivers high-resolution images that enable precise identification and localization of potential issues.