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OLED Inspection

For electronics manufacturers producing or utilizing OLED displays, the C6-4090CS is an indispensable tool. Its advanced features and high accuracy ensure that every display meets the expected quality and delights consumers. With the C6-4090CS, manufacturers are well-equipped to meet the ever-growing demands for OLED quality.

Precise OLED Inspection for the Highest Quality Standards

In the modern electronics industry, quality assurance for OLED displays is crucial. AT – Automation Technology provides a powerful solution to this challenge with the C6-4090CS 3D profile sensor.


Inspecting OLED displays requires sensor technology with high resolution, speed, and a wide field of view (FOV) to ensure comprehensive and accurate quality assurance.


The C6-4090CS 3D profile sensor by AT excels in meeting these requirements. With a 4K sensor (4098 pixels) and high resolution, it enables precise and fast inspection. Additionally, it offers a large FOV for comprehensive quality assurance.

Your Benefits

Field of View
A wide field of view (FOV) enables comprehensive quality assurance.
High Speed
High speed and accuracy ensure precise and fast inspection.
A 4K sensor with high resolution delivers detailed results.