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Monitoring of Electrical Substations

In today’s world, where the demand for energy is constantly increasing, and the security of infrastructure is of top priority, the IRSX infrared camera from AT offers a forward-thinking solution. With its ability to detect fires long before they ignite, it sets new standards in early fire detection and ensures the safety and efficiency of substations worldwide.

Revolution in Early Fire Detection: With the IRSX Infrared Camera from AT

Substations and power facilities are the backbone of global electricity supply. However, despite their significance, these facilities are susceptible to overheating issues that can lead to fires. AT provides an advanced solution to this problem with its IRSX infrared camera, which is increasingly being used in Central and South America, as well as Asia.


Fires in substations can not only result in costly downtime but also endanger public safety. Traditional monitoring is often reactive, meaning problems are often only detected once they have already escalated.


AT’s IRSX infrared camera utilizes smart thermographic technology to enable real-time, wide-scale temperature monitoring. Every thermal anomaly is detected immediately, long before it can lead to a potential fire. Thanks to its robust construction and stand-alone capabilities, the camera can be integrated into almost any industrial environment, offering direct communication with process control.

Your Benefits

High Sensitivity
The camera detects even the smallest temperature differences, allowing for swift intervention at the first signs of overheating.
Easy Integration
The stand-alone design of the IRSX allows for straightforward and efficient integration into existing systems without the need for additional hardware or PCs.
Clear Vision
The air-blowing device ensures that the camera lens is always kept free of dust, thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements without interruptions.