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Inspection of Road Surfaces

By using the C6-3070MCS for road surface inspection, road authorities and companies can optimize their inspection processes, thus improving the safety and performance of the road network.

Inspection of Road Surfaces Revolutionized with the Modular 3D Profiling Sensor C6-3070MCS

In the transportation sector, the quality of road surfaces plays a crucial role in safety and efficiency. The C6-3070MCS, a modular 3D profiling sensor with high resolution, is revolutionizing the inspection of road surfaces.


Assessing and evaluating the condition of road surfaces is a complex task. To accurately determine the condition of the surface, precise measurement data and detailed analysis are required.


The C6-3070MCS is a modular 3D profiling sensor concept that provides high-resolution scanning with 3K (3070 pixels). This sensor, thanks to on-chip processing and unique features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, can conduct a detailed analysis of the 3D point cloud.

Your Benefits

The C6-3070MCS is the world’s fastest 3D sensor when it comes to combining resolution and speed. This allows for rapid inspections to be carried out in no time.
With features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, the sensor provides detailed 3D images that enable thorough evaluation and precise diagnosis of road conditions.
Modular Sensor Concept
The modular design allows the sensors to be tailored to the specific requirements of road surface inspection, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the inspection process.