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Inspection of Railroad Cars

With the C6-3070 camera, inspections of railroad cars become faster, more accurate, and more efficient. This contributes to improving safety in railway transportation and ensures optimal performance of the cars.

Improving Railroad Car Inspection with High-Performance C6-3070 Camera

In the transportation sector, safety is paramount. Regular and accurate inspections of railroad cars help reduce the risk of accidents and optimize performance. The C6-3070 camera offers an exceptional solution with unmatched speed and resolution.


Comprehensive inspection of railroad cars is a challenging task. It requires capturing accurate data quickly and efficiently to ensure that all components are functioning correctly, and safety is ensured.


With the C6-3070 camera, a 3D sensor with 3K resolution, railroad cars can be inspected quickly and accurately. Thanks to on-chip processing and unique features like MultiPart and MultiPeak, the camera delivers detailed 3D images for a thorough analysis.

Your Benefits

The C6-3070 camera is the world’s fastest 3D sensor when it comes to the combination of resolution and speed. This allows inspections to be carried out in a fraction of the time traditional methods would require.
Thanks to the MultiPart and MultiPeak features, the camera can perform a comprehensive analysis of the 3D data, even detecting the smallest deviations or anomalies.
Custom Sensor Chip
Processing data directly on the camera’s chip significantly reduces inspection time and enhances performance.