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Geometry Inspection of Plastic Profiles

When it comes to inspecting the geometry of plastic profiles, the C6-2040CS sets new standards. With its unbeatable combination of speed, precision, and versatility, it is the key to flawless and efficient production. If you’re in the plastics industry looking for the best solution for geometry inspection, the C6-2040CS is a must-have.

Geometry Control of Plastic Profiles for Optimal Product Quality

In the plastic industry, precise control of the geometry of profiles is a crucial factor for product quality. AT – Automation Technology provides a cost-effective and powerful solution to this challenge with the C6-2040CS 3D sensor.


Geometry control of plastic profiles requires highly precise and fast sensors that can be used in various applications, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


The C6-2040CS 3D sensor by AT meets all these requirements. It combines a 2K resolution with profile speeds of up to 25 kHz, offering high precision and speed. Its wide range of applications and cost-effectiveness make it the ideal solution for most applications.

Ihre Vorteile

High-speed capabilities for quick and precise measurements.
3D Sensor All-Rounder
Cost-effective and suitable for most applications.
2K resolution provides detailed measurement results.