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Early Fire Detection

In an industry where every second counts, the infrared camera IRSX provides the wood industry with an indispensable advantage in fire detection. Its ability to detect and alert potential fire sources early ensures that damages are minimized, and resources are protected.

Revolution in Early Fire Detection in the Wood Industry

In a time when wood is considered a precious and expensive resource, fast and efficient monitoring methods to protect this investment are of high importance. The IRSX infrared camera from AT provides a groundbreaking solution for early detection of fire hazards in wood storage.


With the increasing costs of wood, the risk of financial losses due to fires also rises. Traditional fire monitoring methods can fail to detect potential danger points early, leading to delayed responses.


The IRSX infrared camera is specifically designed for monitoring wood storage. With its ability to accurately identify critical temperature developments, it can sound an alarm immediately upon detecting potential fire hazards. Its smart features, combined with automatic signal output and support for various standard interfaces, make it the ideal choice for integration into comprehensive fire protection systems.

Your Benefits

The IRSX infrared camera can detect even the slightest temperature changes, enabling early intervention.
Easy Integration
Thanks to its standard interfaces, the camera can be seamlessly integrated into existing monitoring and fire alarm systems.
Clear Vision
The air-blowing device ensures that the camera lens is always kept free of dust, thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements without interruptions.