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Determination of timber logs

The C6-2040 camera is an essential tool for the timber industry. Its advanced features and capabilities enable the quick, accurate, and efficient determination of timber logs. For businesses looking to increase their efficiency and ensure the quality of their wood products, this camera is the ideal choice.

Efficient Determination of Timber Logs in the Timber Industry

In the timber industry, the quick and accurate determination of timber logs is crucial for the efficiency of the sawing process. AT – Automation Technology provides the powerful C6-2040 3D camera for this purpose.


Accurate sizing of timber logs is essential for planning and controlling the sawing process. The measurement must be precise, fast, and flexible enough to adapt to various log shapes and sizes.


The C6-2040 3D camera from AT is specifically tailored for this task. It offers high speed to improve production rates and can be combined with a variety of lasers and optics to measure many different root shapes and sizes.

Ihre Vorteile

The high speed of the C6-2040 camera enables quick determination of timber logs, increasing production efficiency.
Individual configuration
The 3D camera can be combined with a wide selection of lasers (e.g., high-power lasers), thus enabling even very demanding applications.
Field of View
The 3D camera allows for a variety of different configurations and fields of view, making it flexible for use in applications.