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The optimal software package for 3D metrology

The AT SolutionPackage bundles everything needed for setting up and configuring the AT sensor or camera, as well as for implementing the corresponding application. It includes:
  • Software tools for establishing connections, sensor setup, and image data visualization
  • Powerful cxSDK tool with programming interfaces for C, C++, and Python
  • Easy evaluation of metrology applications with the MetrologyPackage

Uncomplicated system integration of 3D sensors and 3D cameras

With our support packages, we offer a variety of tools, standard APIs and apps that provide OEMs and integrators with user-friendly and detailed access to our 3D sensors.


Results in 10 minutes

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The AT SolutionPackage

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inspect award winer 2023
inspect award winer 2023


Fast integration and commissioning

With the MetrologyPackage, the customer can commission their sensor in their system within ten minutes. Furthermore, this tool allows the creation of an initial 3D point cloud in a short time.


Simultaneous visualization of different measurements

With cxShow3d, point clouds or Z-maps can be generated using the data provided by the sensor. These can be combined with textures, various colors, and visualization styles. cxShow3d allows the combination of data from different measurements or multiple sensors simultaneously in one visualization.


Effortless customization of sensor features

The configuration of your sensor can be easily done through the GenICam standard. The data generated with the settings can be analyzed directly.


Quick configuration of 3D sensors

cxDiscover lists all available sensors connected to the PC or the connected network and it displays available device information. This tool enables easy configuration of the required network parameters (IP address, subnet mask, gateway) and access to the device’s website.
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