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Parcel Inspection

The C6-2040ECS 3D profile sensor is a future-oriented solution for logistics companies looking to improve their parcel inspection. Combining high performance, easy integration and cost efficiency, this sensor is a valuable addition to any business looking to meet the challenges of modern parcel logistics.

Maximum Increase in Efficiency in Parcel Inspection

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where every parcel counts, the C6-2040ECS 3D profile sensor offers a cost-effective solution to increase the efficiency and accuracy of parcel inspection. With its excellent price-performance ratio, this sensor is an ideal choice for logistics companies looking to optimize their processes.


The logistics industry faces the challenge of inspecting a large number of parcels quickly and accurately to ensure timely delivery. Traditional inspection methods often cannot keep up with the high throughput or accuracy requirements.


With its 2K resolution and high speed, the C6-2040ECS offers a powerful yet cost-effective solution for inspecting parcels. Its large field of view (FOV) enables the detection of even large objects and can therefore also flexibly detect parcels on the conveyor belt, which significantly reduces inspection times.

Your Advantages

Optimal Price-Performance Ratio
The sensor offers high-tech 3D sensor technology at an affordable price, enabling companies to reduce their costs and increase their efficiency at the same time.
Compact Design
Its small size and flexibility facilitate integration into existing systems and processes.
Easy Software Integration
Our AT SolutionPackage with its cxSDK and a variety of third-party connections offers an optimal solution for efficient integration into your software environment. Our sensors naturally support the GigE Vision and GenICam image processing standards.
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